Purchase Orders For Non-Profits

What's your PO process?

What is a Non-Profit Purchase Order?

Commercial ordering documents in the non-profit sector are called Purchase Orders (POs). POs issued by non-profits to suppliers indicate items, quantities, and agreed pricing for products and services. They are legal contracts used, in addition to defining the order, to streamline operations and meet reporting obligations. PO solutions are an essential part of managed spending and meeting compliance requirements. The most basic PO solutions automate the process below.

• Manager fills out a Requisition (The Req).
• Req is submitted for approval.
• Req is flipped into a Purchase Order. • PO is sent to the supplier.
• Later, staff receive goods & services against the PO.
• User can receive partial or in full; goods and/or services.
• Received data is seamlessly sent to an accounting stsrem.
• When done, POs are auto or manually closed.
• At any time, staff can view their own audit trails and status.
• With authorization, staff can view other POs and Reqs in process.
• With authorization, staff can run real-time reports.

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Powerful features and a whole lot more.

One-on-one setup with a specialist.     One-on-one admin and report writing training.     One-on-one over-the-phone support from real people.     Workflow with email and text notifications.     No software needed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.     Features operate the same across all devices.     Changes to POs are recorded and transparent.     Reporting on anything.     Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

Purchase Orders For Non-Profits

If you're a non-profit, you will want many features common to those like you, and at the same time, you will want a system matched to your business process. With Aestiva you can pick and choose what you want. And make modifications prior to deployment to ensure your system satisfied all of your requirements. Here is a partial list of features that we place in solutions.

Custom PO Design
Budgeting Modules
Budget Controls
Spend-down Tools
Payment Receive Tools
GL Splits.

Support for:
  Object codes
  Job Codes
  Contract #s
  Program Codes
  Activity Codes
  and more.

Custom Approvals
Title-based routing
Approval through firewalls
Supplier Acknowledgement

Integrations with ERP and Accounting
Custom Systems Integrations
Custom Single Sign-on

And rolling out in 2022:
Attestation SOC 2 Report
24/7/365 Support Plan*
Off-site Disaster Recovery
KPI Generation Tools
And more.

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And remember to ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.


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Setting up your non-profit purchase order solution.

The Design, Build, and Deploy Process

Your Purchase Order solution starts with a base system which is changed to satisfy your needs. You may need to merge our Purchase Order system with other data in your environment or extend it beyond a basic Purchase Order solution. You may want some, all, or none of the add-ons Aestiva provides.

At Aestiva, our job is to streamline your processes, not make them more complicated. All solutions are designed to give you just what you want. Burdening users with unnecessary features is counter-productive. After all, things are already complicated enough.

Last but not least, Aestiva technology is change-friendly. After any changes we make, your system will maintain its ability to be upgraded and its ability to be extended at any later time.

The Setup Process.
All of Aestiva's industry-specific solutions include a "Design, Build, and Deploy" (DBD) process.

This is how it works. First, before any commitments, Aestiva will schedule a time with an engineer to review your general needs. Aestiva will then issue you a quotation that includes your requirements plus a good faith "allocation budget for features known and unknown" (which you should not exceed unless you request items out of the original scope and budget). After purchase, Aestiva will complete a thorough specification with you, notify you how much of the "allocation budget" is actually needed (we strive to budget more than needed), and with your approval, complete the project on a fixed cost basis. For further questions please schedule a demo.

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And ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.

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Post-Deployment Changes To Your Purchase Order Solution

Modifying Your Purchase Order Solution.

Your Aestiva Purchase order System was designed to be changed after deployment. You can request limited changes, add modules, and add new systems.

If applying a change without proper review does not put your system in danger (like adding a custom report, for example), then Aestiva can apply the addition directly to your live solution. For all other changes, Aestiva uses an industry-standard enterprise software change process.

Purchase Order Change Process
A Change is specified.
A Test (Staging) system is created or updated.
The Change is assigned to Aestiva production for completion.
The Change is applied to the Staging system.
The Change is reviewed by the customer.
Upon acceptance and Change is scheduled to be applied.
The Change is applied to the live (Production) system.

Changes are managed by your Aestiva Account Coordinator in conjunction with Aestiva's production team and, when needed, with oversight by Aestiva's engineering and senior staff.

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