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Helping your most trusted people.

The top 5 ways Aestiva AP Automation helps your most trusted people.

Aestiva AP Automation automates purchasing, invoice approval, and invoice loading (OCR capture). It is used by your most trusted people. Managers, AP leaders, and those trusted to procure products.

It's one of the reasons the efficiencies of automaton are so important. After all, it's not just about saving on labor costs. It's about utilizing your best people better.

Here are the top five ways Aestiva AP Automation helps.

Number One
Aestiva AP Automation produces substantial efficiencies with submitters and approvers on the purchasing side and also with people on the accounting side. The dual savings produces twice the gains when compared to AP Automation systems focused on the accounting side.

Number Two
Aestiva AP Automation's user-friendly design is based on the concept of electronic paper. The design philosophy produces highly intuitive systems that can be used with little or no end-user training. This reduces hidden labor costs. It frees managers from having to spend time training new and existing staff.

Number Three
Aestiva AP Automation auto-populates invoice vouchers and auto-approves invoices within threshold.

As a result, accounting deals primarily with exceptions. As many as 80% of invoices can be processed without intervention -- producing huge efficiency gains for the accounting department.

The gains in accounting can be realized since Aestiva AP Automation is fully integrated with purchasing and receiving processes. It is why we automate purchasing processes first. And believe the path to a great AP Automation system starts with purchasing automation.

Number Four
Aestiva AP Automation's transparent audit trails and activity logs keep managers continually informed. Without any work. Aestive-style transparency eliminates "human data silos" that make it difficult or impossible to audit their staff. Not only does this save management time but it makes for a higher quality organization.

Number Five
Aestiva AP Automation's advanced reporting system gives managers new ways to look up previous purchases and having to spend time on the difficulty task of tracking down data. The time-saving tools give managers the ability to investigate issues they might never track down; freeing up their time while improving oversight.

In Summary
Automated workflow, instant real-time reporting, auto-populated invoices and transparencies free managers and accounting staff from wasting their time with calls from accounting, the sometimes impossible task of looking up historical data, and the time-consuming task of posting invoices and POs. In short, it frees your most trusted staff from "bureaucratic drudgery" so they can shift their attention to more important tasks, while, at the same time, it improves company operations.

Want to find out more? Call for a product demonstration, answers to questions, or visit the AP Automation website.

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