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Spinning Your Wheels

Stalled out in your automation efforts? Spinning your wheels even though you are "doing all the right things"? Frustrating!

You can do "all the right things" and still fail. You can be diligent and work hard. You can apply substantial financial and human resources to your goals. You can put in a good-faith effort to automate. Even bring in experts. And yet you can still end up spinning your wheels.

Here are common (and related) reasons you may be stalled:

Spending too much time DIY.
People often follow "Common Wisdom." Common Wisdom tells you to spend a lot of time defining requirements. It also tells you to have a lot of meetings and get lots of staff input on requirements and design. All logical, right? Except that sometimes you get too much input and design a laundry list of requirements that may be unfeasible or stray from your original intent. We've seen this a lot - you can spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on this path and get sidetracked to nowhere.

Not getting advice from those who really know automation.
Defining requirements is usually heavy on getting input from people within the organization and, in most cases, little on getting input from folks personally experienced in business process automation. And it's hard to find experts who have a good amount of successful automation experience.

Confusing software experts with automation experts.
Many software firms have some expertise in one facet of automation, purchase orders for example. But do they really know how to automate your business processes? Or have they simply developed a purchase order software without really knowing business automation? Most of the time that is exactly the case. You might find an adequate purchasing software or expense reporting software to use. But when it comes to further customizing that software to truly automate the processes, or asking the same company to automate a different process, you are left high and dry. Close, but no cigar. So you stall out on your company-wide automation plans.

Getting burned out.
Maybe you hired a consultant to get your purchasing systems automated, and it took over two years to get the initial system off the ground. You want changes to this base system, but every little item takes months to deploy. Your brain is tired. You are disillusioned. You feel like you need to lower your expectations. You feel like automating your business is never going to happen. You give up.

Automating paperwork is simple and complex at the same time. Our staff has learned by doing, and we've taken our experiences and turned them into a software framework that is solidly deployed at many companies. We learned what business process automation really entails. We know how to do it. That's the simple part. The complex part is getting you to see the simplicity of it.

Our results speak for themselves. With us you automate one process at a time. Thirty to sixty days per automation. Methodically. With about a meeting per week. Before you know it, you're gung-ho on automation and happy you did it. You can stop spinning now.

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