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The Qmacro Project

Clint Eastwood said "A Man's Got to Know his Limitations." The same can be said for programming languages. The language "C" is fast at bit and byte operations but you would never want to use it to build business applications. The HTML/OS language is fast at high-level operations but it is not super-fast at bit and byte operations.

What does this have to do with the HTML/OS language? Everything.

In late 2014 Aestiva began working on a new language called Qmacro. The Q stands for "Quick." The goal of the language is to provide a browser-native environment for building functions that perform byte-based data operations at high speeds. Not unlike the "C" language. Speed improvements of up to 5,000 percent are expected. This is not typically possible with high-level languages so we are building an entirely new language for this specific purpose.

To use the language you will write inside any HTML/OS overlay the following:

      -QMACRO Instructions Here-

Like the VMACRO language Aestiva developed for performing high-speed database operations (see blog articles on VMACROS), this new language will require users to define data types and set up the variables to run at high-speed.

First versions of the Qmacro language will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015. Aestiva has a particular interest in using Qmacros to develop a new set of statistical processing packages. As an HTML/OS programmer you'll be able to use it for any situation where data processing at the byte level is needed. Examples include image processing and real-time animation using HTML5. The possibilities are substantial.

For more information on this development check back here. We'll be posting our progress on this blog.

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