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Simple is Good

We are often awed by complexity. Nature, the human body, science. They are brilliant and beautiful. But when it comes to doing business process automations, which of course is what we do here at Aestiva, complexity is not our friend. It's our foe. Or more accurately, it's something we need to rip apart into smaller pieces until we have nothing left other than a bunch of simple, easy to understand, pieces.

In the Business Process Automation world, simple is good. Complexity is bad. Ugh.

Okay. So we're a bunch of simpletons. Call us self-serving, but in this post we celebrate the simpleton in all of us. More accurately, we celebrate the benefits of making things simple. After all, making things simple is the first step to learning. From Newton's Laws, to the KISS principal, to Lao Tze's writings two thousand years ago, the concept of "simple" has remained the quest of the world's greatest thinkers.

In this movie Peter Sellers
plays a simpleton who makes it to high places.

It's also what we strive to do when you call Aestiva. Like Chance in the movie "Being There," Whether you're discussing a future automation, engaged in a specification process, or looking for a quotation, our task will be about taking what you tell us and converting it into a set of simple elements all of us can fully understand.

The next time you call us, if you wonder why we ask so many questions, you'll know why. We're reducing the complex into the simple. Because the heart of understanding is in all things simple.

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