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How long are demos?

Demonstrations take 30 to 60 minutes and are free. There are no obligations.

How do I prepare?

To demo a product you need to be on a web browser while on the phone. That's all. No special software is needed.

Workflow Automation Products

All the Aestiva Power-Office based products below can be combined and modified. If you have specific requirements, please call to discuss them.

Procurement & Finance
Aestiva AP Automation More
Aestiva Budget
Aestiva Contract More
Aestiva Expense Report More
Aestiva F&B More
Aestiva Invoice Approval More
Aestiva Logistics More
Aestiva Procurement More
Aestiva Purchase Order More
Aestiva Reconciliation
Aestiva RFX Software More
Aestiva Travel and Expense More
Aestiva Vendor Approval
Aestiva Vendor Punchout
Aestiva Vendor Questionnaire
Business & Engineering
Aestiva Audit
Aestiva Contact (CRM)
Aestiva Engineering Changes (ECx)
Aestiva Project Time More
Aestiva Quotation More
Aestiva Service Call
Aestiva Sourcing RFQ More
Aestiva RFQ Forms
Aestiva RFQ Responder
Aestiva Time and Expense More
Aestiva Time and Billing More
Aestiva Work Order
Human Resources
Aestiva HR Serve More
Aestiva Timesheet More
Aestiva Personnel Action Request
Aestiva Leave Request More
Information Technology
Aestiva IT Change Requests
Aestiva Help Desk More
Aestiva Assets More
Aestiva Inventory More

Cloud Automation Products

The Webigami platform is a platform for developing and deploying advanced desktop applications and advanced mobile applications including custom databases, spreadsheet automations and advanced workflow applications. To discuss your particular application, please call us.

Mobile/Desktop BP Automation
Webigami Workflow EngineMore

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