Power Solutions

On-line paperwork
for medium to large businesses.

Solutions with perpetual licenses you can install on-premise and on the cloud. Includes free initial assessment and quotation, followed with detailed specification, assembly, deployment, and Aestiva's support program.

From $7,495 one time*
* Plus professional services and annual support.

Power Procurement

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Systems delivered stand-alone or in combination. Integrations with ERP and Accounting available for all solutions.

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Thousands of combinations to fit any business process.

Solutions installed using an Aestiva-managed deployment process that includes free initial assessment, specification, production and assembly, testing, and deployment.

Ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.

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Power Inventory

For goods, large and small. Whether you're doing large-scale mining, counting the amount of sauce you put in a burger, tracking bio-materials end-to-end or just managing a small warehouse, we can help.

All systems include transaction histories and advanced reporting.

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Ask about Aestiva's Famous Happiness Guarantee.

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Power Custom

At Aestiva, we love custom work. And we love helping people.

Because we're good at it.

Not because we're geniuses. But because we have more than a decade of experience and our technology is better. Incrementally improved over twenty years. Used to deliver hundreds of amazing solutions to hundreds of amazing organizations.

All work is done in-house. By Aestiva staff. Here in the USA. So if you're looking for a custom workflow solution or a paperwork automation solution, give us a call.

We look forward to working with you.

And don't forget to ask about Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

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Aestiva automates paperwork. We have helped over 1,000 businesses since 1996. Our modular engineering tools deliver the power of FIVE.

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