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Achieving a 100% success record.

The 5 things Aestiva does to achieve a 100% success record.

Some say 50% of software deployments fail. That would not surprise any of us at Aestiva. We're often called in to install systems where others failed before us.

Statistics aside, the question often asked is how we achieve a near 100% success record.

Here are the top rules we follow to achieve our near 100% success record.

Note: Success means successful deployment of the software plus adoption of the system. Successful deployment without adoption is not "success" to us.

Rule #1
We always demo the customer and vet their needs before quoting customers. We never wing it. During the vetting process we make sure the customer knows what they are getting and Aestiva understands the changes needed. In other words, we make sure we have a meeting-of-the-minds.

Rule #2
Listen. Listen. Listen. During project specification, if a customer says something in conflict with our understanding of the project then we do not ignore it. We ask questions to ensure we are still on the same page or discuss needed changes, if relevant. We do not wait for the problem to grow.

Rule #3
Aestiva partners with the customer to lead the deployment process. With hundreds of deployments under our belt, we use battle-tested deployment processes. Letting customers lead a project without our guidance, with some customers, is a recipe for possible failure.

Rule #4
Aestiva requires those engaged in a process to describe and confirm the processes. Those not engaged in the process can miss important details. Relying on those who know the process from a distance is also a recipe for possible failure.

Rule #5
Aestiva avoids software development when deploying systems. Instead, Aestiva does "assembly" - utilizing tools Aestiva provides its assembly team so they can customize systems without modifying Aestiva's core engines.

Assembly processes reduce costs, deployment times, and risks by up to 90% over standard development techniques. Customers do not want the higher costs and the higher risks and neither do we.

In Summary
Together, these five rules help Aestiva achieve its near 100% success record.

Want to find out more? Call for a product demonstration or go to the AP Automation website. We look forward to working with you.

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