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Saving Six Figures

If your Aestiva rep told you, "You can probably save millions of dollars with our software" would you believe him?


"Yeah right!"


(Sigh). You wouldn't. That's one of the problems we face at Aestiva.

We have many customers saving millions of dollars with Aestiva automations, but it sounds preposterous to tell prospects or even new customers that. So we don't say it. That's the song and dance no prospective customer wants to hear.

Why do our customers save so much? More than anything, it's because our automations are not about shedding jobs. They're more about upgrading your operational quality. (See the post titled "Why Automate?") The benefits might surprise you. Most people think automation is about cutting the time it takes to perform a particular task or set of tasks. Less time, less tasks, less people. That can be a big benefit to automation, sure - but it's really the least of the benefits.

Operational Quality is Money in the Bank

Operational quality is a lot more important than saving time. It's about the benefits of transparency, sustainability, speed of operational turn-around, error reduction, cost reduction, job satisfaction, and other items (do you have a couple of days?) that make saving a few hours here and there look like child's play.

So if you are looking to save millions of dollars, think about improving your operational quality with automations from Aestiva. And if you want to be more methodical about it, feel free to call on us to help you identify the automation opportunities in your organization. We know you're deep in the weeds every day. We can bring some fresh eyeballs to the table - along with our experience and expertise in this operational, money-saving thing we do.

Can we save you millions of dollars? Probably.

Call your Aestiva Account Coordinator today to explore the possibilities. We'd love to help.

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