Asset Management
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Asset management, made simple.

Gami Asset Management gives you everything you need, plus the features you want, but without the features you do not want. We keep it simple.

A base systems gives you:

• Add, edit delete assets, asset maintenance dates and asset value.
• Move assets from one location to another.
• Perform Asset Checks to validate Asset locations..
• Run asset (maintenance) action reports and respond to action alerts.
• Run asset depreciation reports.
• At any time, managers can view assets on hand.
• At any time, managers can view a history of asset actions.

We start with the base, and then add features as needed. Want an asset management system that doesn't take a college degree to manage? Call today.


Powerful features and a whole lot more.

One-on-one setup with a specialist.     One-on-one admin and report writing training.     One-on-one over-the-phone support from real people.     No software needed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.     Features operate the same across all devices.     Changes to assets are recorded and transparent.     Reporting on anything.     Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

Installing Your Asset System

Professional services for the right deployment every time.

Your Gami Asset Systems are designed to be changed to satisfy specific needs. You may want to add notifications, add a maintenance section to the asset record, integrate it with a help desk, and, well you get the idea.

All Asset Management Systems are change-ready. Fields can be added. Fields can be taken away. Functionality can be added. Functionality can be taken away.

Change, Build, Deploy
Solutions utilize a change, build, and deploy process. This is how it works. First, your solution provider will review your general needs and identify changes needed. Then they will issue you a quotation and/or a good faith estimate. After purchase, your solution provider will complete a specification, notify you of costs, and with your approval, build out the changes and deploy them. For further questions please schedule a demo with a solution provider.

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