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The Vtags: An Update

In November of 2011 we announced enhancements to our relational database technology. See "The Vtags are Coming."

So what's been going on with them? To put it simply -- they're a hit! They're lightning-fast as planned and have surpassed expectations. Aestiva has fully adopted our Vtag technology. For example:

-- The VMACRO tag was introduced, as planned.
-- Our reporting systems are now Vtag-driven.
-- Vtags are now a part of every Power Office product.
-- Our Production Department has been trained in Vtags.
-- Vtags continue to shatter speed-barriers.

The new Vtag technology has changed the game of what is possible. Here are two examples:

The first example involves a restaurant chain that approached Aestiva with a special request. They wanted a "predictive supplier ordering" system. They wanted their system to automatically predict and show their staff how much of each food to order.

This is easier said than done. "Predictive ordering" is heavy in data processing. Each prediction (among the dozens displayed on a single screen) needed to be calculated from historical sales data, recipe databases, and general forecasts. Calculations needed to account for coverage periods, inventory levels, safety levels, and pending orders. Single predictions required millions of calculations.

To make matters more challenging, the results needed to be delivered in real-time as staff were filling out their daily orders. Results needed to be calculated in seconds.

Aestiva's new VMacros provided the speed and power needed. Aestiva wrote VMacros to perform the heavy-lifting. Without the VMacros, multiple servers would have been necessary -- adding substantial cost and complexity to the project. Instead, a single Power Office system placed on a single server was sufficient. Today, this restaurant chain boasts one of the the world's most advanced ordering system. And the restaurant industry has an affordable way to do predictive ordering.

Another example where Vtags are moving and shaking is in the area of budget analysis. Here too, data processing needs can be heavy. Especially when there are many transactions to analyze. When processing needs are high, budget systems reduce their calculations requirements by performing calculations nightly or by requiring historical data be "closed."

Aestiva's Vtags have changed these requirements. Never a need to close. Never a need to process nightly. Never a need to wait for figures from the prior day. Budget figures are calculated in real-time. Even for the largest systems.

For further information, speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

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