The Webigami Sheet

A disruptively more powerful sheet.

Reimagining Paperwork

For years experts in operations have experienced "The Question." Should one use paper-like things or computer-like things to automate this or that operation.

On one hand, paper-like things such as on-line documents and spreadsheets are easy to use. They are simple and understood. But they do not take advantage of the amazing computing power underneath them. So till this day, all paper-like things behave like personal applications, not powerful business applications.

We asked ourselves, "Why isn't there a sheet that takes advantage of the amazing computing power underneath it?"

This question drove us to focus on more detailed questions about what is absent in today's paper-like things. We asked ourselves:

Why can't sheets be transmutable? In other words, why can't a sheet be an input form, a database record, or a spreadsheet; the types of paperwork we use in business.

Why can't sheets be flexible building blocks? In other words, why can't we build business applications with them? And why don't sheets easily jump from user to user? After all, business is a team effort.

Why can't sheets share their data? In other words, Why can't their data be easily passed to other applications? Why aren't sheets easily reportable? Isn't that what businesses want?

So we created the Gami Sheet to satisfy all of these requirements (and more). The result; a disruptively more powerful sheet.

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