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The Perfect Inventory Control System For Small to Medium Sized Operations

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Gami Inventory provides everything you need to manage your inventory to promote cost savings, growth, and quality improvements. Gami Inventory provides:

• Add, edit delete inventory Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).
• Control inventory locations within the warehouse.
• Check goods out from the warehouse.
• Check goods into the warehouse.
• Perform physical counts (stocktakes).
• At any time, managers can view inventory on hand.
• At any time, managers can view a history of inventory actions.


Powerful features and a whole lot more.

One-on-one setup with a specialist.     One-on-one admin and report writing training.     One-on-one over-the-phone support from real people.     No software needed on desktops, smartphones and tablets.     Features operate the same across all devices.     Changes to inventory are recorded and transparent.     Reporting on anything.     Aestiva's famous Happiness Guarantee.

Your Gami System For Larger Operations

If you have more complex needs, you may want a PowerOffice Solution. Pick and choose what you want. We offer:

Item Tracking
Serialized Goods
SKU-less Inventory
End-to-end Tracking
Mobile & Desktop Designs
Resource Planning
Inventory Quarentine
Warehouse Request & Delivery
Warehouse Pick Paths

Integrations with ERP/Accounting
Integrations with e-Commerce
Integrations with Ordering Systems
Transaction Exports
Custom Single Sign-on (SSO)

Custom Checkout and Transfers
Custom Checkin Processes
Pick, Pack and Ship
Ordering Systems
Inventory Reordering
Asset Systems
Purchasing Systems
Billing Systems

Migration Help
Embedded Graphics
Compliance Help
KPI Generation and Analytics
Custom Systems Integrations
Application Optimization

Separation of Duty Tools
Attestation SOC 2 Report
HIPAA Compliance
24/7/365 Support Plan
Off-site Disaster Recovery
KPI Generation Tools
And more.

Looking for more details? Call us to dig in further.


Installing Your Gami System

Professional services for the right deployment every time.

Your Gami inventory control system is designed to be changed to satisfy specific needs. Perhaps you want to use scanner. Or a screen. Or both. Perhaps you have one or multiple locations. Perhaps you need quarantine goods. Perhaps you need to track all your goods. Well, you get the idea.

All PO Systems are change-ready. Fields can be added. Fields can be taken away. Functionality can be added. Functionality can be taken away.

Change, Build, Deploy
Solutions utilize a change, build, and deploy process. This is how it works. First, your solution provider will review your general needs and identify changes needed. Then they will issue you a quotation and/or a good faith estimate. After purchase, your solution provider will complete a specification, notify you of costs, and with your approval, build out the changes and deploy them. For further questions please schedule a demo with a solution provider.

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