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Webigami Release Log

Mar 2022
- Contract PO System work.
- Added Calculation report type to Find Profiles.
- Dashboard fixes.
- Dashboard fixes.
- Added Undo capability for Dashboard component.
- Added GO button type for Account Title Bar.
- Dashboard changes.
- Added Home View selection to Exit to Homepage GO button.
- Added VBLOCK chart type to Dashboard.
- Added HBLOCK chart type to Dashboard.
- Added BarColor parameter to Dashboard charts.
- Charting changes.
- Transaction log date range now defaults to 7 days before most recent non-viewed transaction.
- Added new transaction log types.
- Added Backup navigation.
- Contract PO System: Changed charts to use the new HBLOCK and VBLOCK type.
- Backup heading changes.
- Changed report chart defaults.
- Changed activity bars display.
- Changed max Admin Panel height to 75% of window height.
- Added double-wide mode for help menus.
- Fixed menu resetting to incorrect width sometimes when applying a Dashboard calculation.
- Changed Custom Alert height to not be static.
- Fixed Custom Alert pointer persisting when opening an alert with no Point To cell.

Feb 2022 - Privacy Attachment security.
- Privacy Attachment download security.
- New Go buttons for Admin menus.
- Ability to edit flow settings, slideshows, and how-tos for a different design than the current one.
- Privacy component security.
- Privacy component logging.
- Blank cells to default to white background when created.
- Added configurable Setup Links to appear in Admin > Account menu. (Only editable through backend for now)
- PO System: Upgraded to C144.
- PO System: Added Setup Link to PO Settings design.
- PO System: Edited PO Settings design.
- PO System: Logo to be read from PO Settings design.
- Custom Alert changes.
- Custom Alert changes.
- Added setting screen for On Cell Entry macro.
- Started work on Contract PO System.
- Added DASHBOARD_REFRESH runigami function.
- Dashboard fixes.
- Contract PO System work.
- Dashboard fixes.
- Added new params for Pie charts.
- Dashboard changes.

Prior Release Log Entries
- Not Available.

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