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Solutions have three costs; Cloud Hosting, Professional Services, and Platform Licensing. Pricing for each is summarized below.

Cloud Hosting
You have the option of hosting your solution in Aestiva's data center or running your Aestiva solutions on-premise. Cloud hosting services start at $115/mo (regardless of # users or # applications).

Costs vary with storage, bandwidth, and CPU processing needs. Call for details.

Professional Services
Professional service fees are charged for setting up systems, making changes, and installing new solutions. These costs are non-recurring.

Costs based on the service efforts needed. Call for details.

Platform Licensing
Aestiva charges a single "Platform License" for unlimited software and modules.

Costs based on user capacity. Monthly costs start at $300/mo. Call for pricing.

Aestiva is among a small number of companies who own and use their own technology stack. The results; more power with a disruptively low Cost Of Ownership (COO).

To see the Aestiva difference for yourself, use the link below to contact Aestiva.

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What does SUP stand for?

SUP stands for Software Unlimited Plan. It's Aestiva's pricing plan for the licensing of Aestiva's Power Office applications. The plan covers all the Power Office software and modules you want, whether now or in future years. The plan is a type of "Company-As-A-Service" plan since it covers all of Aestiva's software, all its modules, and customer support.

What makes Aestiva a "Technology" company rather than just a software product company?

Aestiva is one among a limited number of companies who has built, owns, and uses its own database engines, coding languages, and paperwork automation technologies. Most Business Software Product companies rely on open-source and commercially available 3rd-party systems to assemble their solutions -- resulting in greater complexities, costs, inefficiencies, 3rd-party dependencies, and limitations.

How many organizations can share a single account?

In general, one SUP plan is needed per organization. However an organization may have multiple legal entities in a single account.

How many solutions can be run on a single platform?

There are no limits placed on the number of solutions you can run in a single power office platform.

How many platforms do you have?

The SUP plan covers Aestiva's Power Office platform. Aestiva also runs Webigami ( Both platforms utilize Aestiva Array, the world's most powerful browser-native 4GL database and programming environment.

How are the two platforms different?

Many of Aestiva's most advanced solutions in procurement, inventory control, procure-to-pay and expense management run on the Power Office platform. This is because Power Office is Aestiva's most mature platform. It is the platform of choice for web-based Aestiva-supported desktop solutions.

Webigami ( is Aestiva's newest platform. It was created in 2015 and features automated mobile-desktop interoperability, a DIY interface for independent Designers, its own Webigami BASIC coding language, and is provided exclusively over the cloud.

Can I operate on-premise?

Aestiva's Power Office platform can be installed on-premise on your own equipment. Linux and Windows servers are supported.

Who owns Aestiva?

Aestiva is a privately held American corporation headquartered in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Is Aestiva a US Company?

Yes. All Aestiva staff, technology, and data centers are located in the US.

Can accounts integrate with external systems?

Yes. Most Aestiva solutions include systems integrations that send data back and forth between it and externally located systems such as accounting and ERP systems. About half of Aestiva's Power Office solutions have one or more integrations with external systems.

Who owns my data?

You own your data. For your protection, Aestiva makes no claims of ownership of any data in Aestiva accounts.

How much storage do I get in an account?

If you host your solution in Aestiva's data center your hosting account will start with fifty gigabytes of storage.

What fees should I anticipate?

Anticipate an annual SUP fee plus a hosting fee if you host with Aestiva, and one-time fees for professional services. There are no additional licensing fees for software or modules. The SUP plan covers ongoing support.

How are Aestiva SUP plans priced?

SUP Plans are priced based on the maximum number of users you wish to support on your solutions at any one time. The latest SUP pricing is shown below. Pricing does not include professional services or optional hosting services ($115/mo and up). Accounts allow up to five times as many named users as concurrent users.

Est. Rate
Per User*
5$295 $11.80
10$495 $9.90
15$695 $9.20
20$765 $7.65
25$875 $7.00
50$1,195 $4.75
100$1,495 $3
100+Call N/A

* Assumes 5 named users per concurrent user. Actual ratios will vary.

How do I estimate the number of users I can place in an account?

You can place in one account the maximum number of concurrent users multiplied by the ratio of named users to concurrent users you will likely have.

The ratio of named users to concurrent users depends on your peek level of activity. On systems where everyone is on the system at the same time, the ratio can be close to one. This is rare however. Power Office platforms with fifty or more users typically have a ratio of five. Power Office platforms with low usage per user have ratios as high as one hundred to one.

What if I need more storage?

Additional storage may be purchased. Call for details.

What if I wish to have my own dedicated server?

Dedicated servers may be purchased. Call for details.

What if I wish to have my own domain name?

Dedicated server names may be purchased. Call for details.

Is hosting 24/7/365?

In general, yes. However, at times there can be planned outages and there can also be emergencies -- although emergencies happen on average less than once every ten years per customer.

Is transmission secure?

Aestiva hosting accounts are restricted to HTTPS.

Do you use or sell my data?

Aestiva does not sell or share its data with other firms, governments, or entities without court order. Your data is strictly used in the maintenance and support of your account.

Do you have an SLA?

Aestiva has an SLA and will provide it upon request. No signature is required. Just a PO or a verified order is needed for purchase.

Is your hosting compliant?

Aestiva's data center, ServerFarm ( has SOC 2. Aestiva provides HIPAA and NIST compliance for Smart Office. Call for details.

Can I move my solution on-premise if I start out on the cloud?

Yes, if you use the Power Office platform. (No, if you use the Webigami platform since it is cloud-only).

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